Demineralised Water

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High Quality Water At Low Prices

Pure Klenz, producers and suppliers of high quality Demineralised Water throughout the UK.

Demineralised Water, also known as Demin Water is a high quality Pure Water suitable for various Industrial and commercial uses as it no longer contains contaminants that may interfere with a process or leave a residue.

Types of applications that require Demineralised Water include Industrial use, Scientific testing, Steam irons, Automotive, Laser cutting, Aquariums, Manufacturing and many more.

Many applications requiring Distilled Water may use Demineralised Water as a cheaper alternative.

deionised water 5l

Demineralised Water
5 Litre


Demineralised Water
25 Litre

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Demineralised Water
1000 Litre IBC


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