Deionised Water – 12.5L Litre

£9.10 ea + VAT

Deionised Water supplied in Food Grade containers can be used for the following applications:

Forklift Batteries, Steam Irons, Engineering, Industrial Use, Manufacturing Industries, Cosmetics, Laser Cutting, Critical Cleaning, Automotive, Chemicals, Laboratories, Window Cleaning and many more.


Resistivity 1-2

Conductivity – compensated to 25’C < 1μS / cm (0.05μS on production)

PH value at 25’C 5-8

Nitrate (as NO3) <0.2 ppm

Heavy Metals <0.1 mg/l

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) – USP method <500 ppb

Purified Water EP

Pure Klenz Purified Water EP is a high grade purified water conforming to standards - European Pharmacopiea (EP) British Pharmacopiea (BP) and Technical Memorandums HTM2030/01

Each batch is tested by an independant UKAS accredited and GMP licensed analytical testing laboratory (ALS Food and Pharmaceutical) guaranteeing a consistantly top quality product.

For further information on EP Water Click below.

Deionised Water

As a leading UK water supplier Pure Klenz supply extremely high quality Deionised Water which is used in a wide range of industries such as, Medical, Laboratory, Pharamceutical, Cosmetics, Electronic Manufacturing, Food Processing, Critical Cleaning and many more.

As a well established UK Water supplier, Pure Klenz offers a 100% quality guarantee on all products.


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